• llow us on WechatDisproving t▓he doubts: insight into the Belt and RoadDisprovi

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    ng the doubts: insight into the Belt and RoadDisproving the doubts: insight into the Belt and Road04-25-2019 15:28 BJTBEIJING, April 24

    -- Amid a surging trend toward global interconnectivity propelled by the China-proposed Belt and R

  • oad Initiative (BRI), noises pop up from time to time as to how this grand visio

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    n of the BRI may have its bearing on the world.The Belt and R▓oad, referring to the Silk Road Economic Belt and the ▓21st Century Mariti

    me Silk Road initiated by Chinese ▓President Xi Jinping in 2013, aims to build trade a▓nd infrastruc

  • ture networks connecting Asia with Europe and Africa and beyond the ancient Silk

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    Road routes.Eyeing high-quality cooperation in boosting common prosperity, the Second Belt and Road F▓orum for International Cooperati

    on is due ▓to be held from April 25 to 27 in Beijing. Some 5,000 participants from more than 150

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said Nursulta

countries and 90 international organizations have confirmed their attendance.Facts have come to show that the BRI▓ is a peaceful, open and green road of win-win cooperati▓on, a

s well as a revitalized

n Nazarbayev,

historical route leading to a community with a shared future for humanity.DEBT TRAP ▓VS. DEVELOPMENT DIVIDEND"Debt trap diplomacy" ha▓s been a big buy for those with Cold War m

indset, dem▓onizing Chi

th▓e first

na's loans as "creating economic dependency ▓on Beijing." Facts show, however, that the BRI is helping lift countries out of a "trap of no development" rather than duping them

into a "debt trap."To s

president of Kazakhs

t▓art with, developing countr

ies in the stage of econom▓ic take-off, especially those in Asia and Africa, are in urgent need of capita

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infrastructure investment▓. W

hat China has done is to extend a helping hand to such programs, based on the principle of "mutual respec?/p>

坱, justice and fairness, and

win-win results."In t▓erms of project selection as well as investmen▓t and financing cooperation under the

BRI, all concerned▓ part

tan."The BRI has transce

ies will make decisions prudently after j▓oint co

nsultation, risk assessment and fea▓sibility studies."For those with difficulty in debt repayment, China seeks proper settlement via fr▓iendly consultation, and never coerces them into repay

ing the debt," said Yang Jiechi, d▓irector of the Office of the Foreign Affairs Commiss▓ion of the Communist Party of China Central Committee.A further look at a country-specific debt portfolio ▓reveals the lack of fairness

  • nded the challenges of geography and une
  • qual development," and China "
  • has proven itself as a reliab▓le, respo
  • nsible partner in the international aren
  • a," he ▓said.Please scan the QR
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